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Projectisle Site Security


Not sure if its safe to purchase online?


Firstly we would like to point out that all purchases through the Projectisle site are only delivered to the address of the card holder, Details completed at checkout are verified against public records before any goods are dispatched. We have a 100% clean record in protecting you our valued customers from fraud.


All online payments are processed  byensuring leading industry security right up to the completion of your purchase. Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are used on all transactions. Keeping you safe. Projectisle do not save any credit card details at all.


If You are still unsure about purchasing online please see Payment options or contact one of out sales team for other options.


"We use the latest technology and traditional means to reduce the risks of fraud,

the success of Projectisle depends on your security"


Stephen Russell, Managing Director



Positive identification


The Projectisle website is registered with site identification authorities to enable your browser to confirm the projectisle identity before any transmission is sent.
With this technology, The identity of our site is automatically confirmed behind the scenes prior to the transmission of any customer information requested to complete an online order your data reaches your intended target or your browser notifies you (prior to your sending any personal information) that the potential receiving site looks suspicious and should be avoided 

Data encryption


If you are using a security-enabled browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 2.1 or greater, or Netscape Navigator version 2.0 or greater), the information you send us regarding your purchase is encrypted, making it extremely difficult to read even if it is wrongly intercepted. The Projectisle store utilizes industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of: potentially sensitive information such as your name and address critically sensitive information like your credit card number. If you are still uncomfortable with submitting your personal information via the Internet for any reason, please feel free to Contact our support team who will give you directions to complete your order either by Direct Deposit, Personal/Bank Cheque.

Warning to all would be fraudsters


Your Details are recorded when you make a transaction on this site.

 They will be forwarded to the Australian Federal Police and we will press charges.


Be Aware:  The CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 179. False pretences etc. 

Whosoever, by any false pretence or by any willfully false promise,
or partly by a false pretence

and partly by a willfully false promise, obtains from any person any property, with intent to defraud, shall be liable to

imprisonment for five years.

Full Australian Manufacturers Warranty



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